Race to Health Update - Week 2

As the 2nd round of the World Cup is underway we’re coming to the end of week 2 of Race to Health 2018.

Prior Weston you are doing a great job so far, keep up the great work! Week 2 is now almost completed.

The school is currently 14th in the race with a total of 45,840 active minutes logged and 3,999 miles completed meaning that as a school we've already travelled from Wembley Stadium last week through Stade de Marrakech, Rabat, Morocco and are now en route to Stad Olympique de Rades, Tunis, Tunisia!

Well done Kew Class, you are currently leading in front as the most active with Piccadilly Class in second place.

"For my family it has been a fantastic safe and engaging place to come, a weekly event to do as a family"

- Claudia, a parent talking about Stay and Play at the Children's Centre