Meet our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Jo Pettifor

Acting Headteacher

Bev Newman

Acting Deputy Head

Helen Ryan

Interim Deputy Head

Simone Du Juan


Bernadette Frain-Atallah

Head of Safeguarding and Family Welfare

Teaching Staff

Acting Head Teacher

Joanne Pettifor

Acting Deputy Head

Bev Newman

Acting Deputy Head

Helen Ryan


Simone Du Juan

Head of Safeguarding and Family Welfare 

Bernadette Frain-Atallah

Pupil Premium Champion

Dawn Dias


Holland Park

Jack Adkins

Supported by Adrianna

Regent’s Park

Tamta Turmanidze

Supported by Kiran

Reception support staff - Claire, Cassie, Emma, Kelly

Year 1


Barbican Class

Nikoletta Sharbel

Supported by Sarah, Tina

Thames Class

Emma Scott

Supported by Lynn

Year 2


Finsbury Class

Pamela Kandekore

Supported by Rosi, Laura D

St Paul’s Class

Mathew Long

Supported by Gina


Year 3


Kensington Class

Luiz Bento

Supported by Atia, Bertie

Piccadilly Class

Tom Colledge

Supported by Laura A


Year 4


Temple Class

Hannah Perkins

Supported by Julie, Jaba, Katherine

Kew Class

Tamzin Barford

Supported by Kieta


Year 5


Parliament Class

Hassan Miah

Supported by Carla

Trafalgar Class

Charles White

Supported by Esther


Year 6


Tower Class

Asma Khan

Supported by Nigel

Westminster Class

Viv Schaf

Supported by Nigel, Debbie

PPA - PE Specialist Teacher

Katy Laurence & Josh Bednash

PPA - Art Specialist Teacher

Marc Valiquette

Reading/Phonics Teacher

Jess Evans

Learning Mentor

Princess Walsh-Royer

HLTA – Lower School

Pamela Kitapcioglu

HLTA – Middle School

Muna Ibrahim

HLTA – Upper School

Cagla Dag

Strategic Partnership – Thornhill Primary School

Head Teacher

Jenny Lewis

Deputy Head

Paul Robinson

Assistant Head

Louise Ryer


Samantha Abedian

Literacy Leads

Suetshan Huang

Maths Lead

Louise Ryer

Children's Centre

Day Care & Inclusion Manager

Eva Stokes

Baby Room

Fortune Park

Emily Brookes Room Leader

Senay,Karen, Eden, Safia, Dawn

Toddler Room

Toffee Park

Patrick O’Hara Room Leader

Rae, Nikki, Favour, Gulsah, Kohima, Zainap

Lunchtimes -Roberta


Hyde Park

Katy Devlin (Class Teacher)

Maureen, Viqui, Rosanna, Seheri, Carlanne , Heidi, Sandra

Lunchtimes – Stella

Business Support

Admin Team

School Business Manager

Kate Mason

Finance Officer

Salma Quershi


Jada Terrelonge

Finance Assistant

Janet Omari


Rupia Begum


Vacancy covered by Ann Cudjoe

Children’s Centre Administrator

Vacancy covered by Janet Omari

Extended Day

Extended Day Coordinator

CJ Charles

Extended Day Worker

Halima Begum

Extended Day Worker

Tom Hignett

Extended Day Worker

Siham Mohammed

Extended Day Worker

Sumayyah Kiwanuka

Extended Day Worker

Ana-Marie Latera

Family Support Workers

Shah Ahmed - Family Support Worker

Kitchen Team

Samantha Greer - Kitchen Manager

Alexandria Quaye

Alzia Katende

Betty Billie

Comfort Prempeh

Constatine Kanka

Franciscas Frinpong

Genevi Eve Nickelo

Hadije Osmani

John Osaupolor

Pauline Blackwood

Sultan Tayyar

Wasolua Kibeti

Zoe Potts-Johnson

"The teaching of phonics has improved since the previous inspection. There is now a clear structure to the way sounds are being taught, and pupils learn more quickly than in the past"

- Ofsted, 2019