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Extended Day

Aside from our normal core day here at Prior Weston, we offer extended sessions and activities to help our families as much as we can.  Learning doesn’t simply take place between 9am and 3.25pm, the services we offer to extend your children’s day provide great opportunities for additional learning.

Early Birds

To start the day for children and give our busy parents peace of mind, we offer a fantastic breakfast club, which is open, from 8am, to children from Reception to Year 6. Your child can get involved with crafts, art, sports or games, in addition to eating a healthy breakfast to ready themselves for school at 8.45am.  The cut off time for breakfast is 8.35am and last drop offs are at 8.40am to give the children enough time to prepare for the busy day ahead.

If you have an emergency situation and you need your child to attend our breakfast club at short notice, we are very happy to allocate you a space.  Just speak to our reception team on campus.

Morning Movers

Morning movers (MM) run in the mornings from 8.30 to 8.50 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for those children who want a little more activity after breakfast.  The groups are a mix of children from Early Birds and others who come specifically for the rounders, cricket or dance sessions which are led by our PE Specialists Katy Laurence and Josh Bednash.  Children need to be on time for these energy boosting sessions because they only last for 20 minutes.

After School Clubs

Our range of after school clubs offers extra-curricular activities where children can go beyond the academic boundaries of a normal school day and discover their hidden talents. It is the perfect way to expand your child’s interests and teach them new skills.

Our clubs give students the chance to discover new opportunities while continually boosting their natural curiosity for learning.  They promote the social aspects of learning through a variety of different activities such as such as Football, Hockey and African Dance.

Please see clubs list for more information and do not hesitate to ask us at reception.

Our clubs are open to children in years 1 to 6 and start at 3.45pm ending at 4.45pm ready for pick up at 4.50pm.

WSP STEM After School Club

Over the next 4 weeks, WSP will be heading a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) After School club with year 5 and 6...

Find out more...

LMM Year 1 and Year 2 Cello and Violin after school lesson schedule.

London Music Masters invite parents of children who are learning cello and violin in year 1 and year 2, to join them for the music sessions run at the end of the school day.

Y1 Cello - Mondays

  • Group 1 @ 3.15 pm
  • Group 2 @ 3.45 pm

Y2 Cello - Mondays

  • Group 1 @ 4.15 pm
  • Group 2 @ 4.45 pm

Y1 Violin - Thursdays

  • Group 1 @ 3.30 pm
  • Group 2 @ 4 pm
  • Group 3 @ 4.30 pm
  • Group 4 @ 5 pm

Y2 Violin - Fridays

  • Group 1 @ 3.15 pm
  • Group 2 @ 3.45 pm
  • Group 3 @ 4.15 pm
  • Group 4 @ 4.45 pm

Night Owls

Night Owl’s is our after school provision for children whose parents are unable to make the usual 3.25pm pick up. We have a bustling range of exciting, focused and also less structured activities for the Night Owls to take part in. The sessions run from 3.30pm till 6p.m. with pick up any time before 6pm, although snack time is at 4:45 so we would hate for them to miss out on that!

If you need an emergency booking visit the shop on your ParentMail app to purchase a slot, or contact our reception as soon as you can.

As advised in issue 15 of the school newsletter, 28th April:

If you have not collected your child by 3.45pm your child will automatically be put into Emergency Night Owls which currently incurs a £12.00 fee. Late collection from Night Owls will also result in a fee of £15 for late pick up between 6pm and 6:15pm and £30 between 6:15pm and 6:30pm. An additional £15 will be added for any 15 minute intervals beyond this.

Extended Day Type

Normal Cost


Full day 8am - 6pm

Shorter day - 10am - 4pm

Breakfast Club





Night Owls





To register, keep up to date and book all of our Extended Day activities please sign up to ParentMail. It is an easy to use app (for Android and Apple) that allows you to communicate with us from home. You can even complete and view your pending payments, which means we are all kept up to date very easily.

Movement & Arts Autumn Half Term Camp

22nd – 26th October

A fun week of gymnastics, music, art, dance, multi-sports and more, taught by specialists.

The workshops and activities provide our children with a wide range of creative skills focusing on many different elements.

Our half term camp is led by Tom Crowley Ellis, who has been running camps at Prior Weston for the past year and has much experience teaching gymnastics/fitness classes all over London for a range of clubs and schools.

"My aim is to ensure your child develops a higher awareness of different creative possibilities in a fun and safe environment."

The camp provides fresh fruit, but packed lunch must be provided by parent or guardian.

All bookings are to be made via the movement coaching website at

For any enquires please contact Tom on 07941 354 357, alternatively you can email

Rights to request wraparound / holiday childcare

The Government wants to help parents to work, or work for longer, by making more quality childcare available during the week and school holidays. Parents of children at school from Reception up to the end of Key Stage 3 will have a ‘right to request’ that the school provides wraparound and holiday childcare. Childcare providers will also have a ‘right to request’ that they provide the childcare.

Rights to request wraparound / holiday childcare

"Governors keep their skills up to date through regular training and are very well informed about how well the school is doing. They receive regular and comprehensive information from the headteacher and visit regularly to monitor the school’s work."

- Ofsted (October 2013)