Islington Cross Country Running Race

25 Year 4 and 5 students represented the school in the Islington cross country. It was a tough long grassy run but everyone tried their best and completed it. A special mention to Isobel in Year 4 for finishing 8th overall in her race!

Jimmy: ‘fun but tiring’

Helena & Fardousa: ‘Unexpected and tiring, we didn't realise it would be that hard but fun in a way.’

Sasha: ‘it was freezing and I wanted to run again’

Golnar: ‘it was fun and exhausting’

Betty: ‘it was good but I could do better’

Lola: ‘I enjoyed it but when waiting for races it was a bit boring, I wanted to run more!’

Isobel: ‘It was quite fun because we got to go out of school and race different schools’

Rasmus: ‘Fun but tiring and want to do it again as I know what to do now’

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Katie - That seems like it was a lot of fun running however it must have been very tiring.

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