Orienteering Competition

We entered the Islington Orienteering competition which took place at Highbury Fields. The students competed in an event of star orienteering. This event is when you work in teams of 3’s and have to locate a control point from the map provided. We had 5 teams entered and the students were really trying their best to run around the fields to find the controls the quickest! Some of the markers were hard to spot on the back of tall trees and hidden near a bush. It was great to see their team work and enthusiasm throughout the event.

Position by school is as follows, this is decided by total controls collected across all teams;

  1. St Joan of Arc – 47
  2. Canonbury - 33
  3. Prior Weston – 29
  4. Tufnell Park - 23
  5. Hargrave Park - 18
  6. Yerbury – 12


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- Ofsted (October 2013)