Year 4 - Paralympic Sports Skills

Year 4 have spent this half term working with PE specialist David Bateman on developing a range of Paralympic sports skills.  During our Tuesday afternoon PE sessions, he has worked with the children to reinforce their understanding of Boccia and Curling.  The two areas of these sports we have focused on have been throwing and aiming for a target.  It has been great to have a specialist teacher support our year group and enhance what the children do in their PE sessions and they have enjoyed using our Paralympic equipment. 

"I have been enjoying new-age curling because I have learned how to send the curling stone across the play area."  Millie

"I learned that if you swing faster the curling stone goes faster so it can hit the spot and the aim of Boccia is to hit the jack. I have managed to hit the jack!" Malikai

"By the end of Year 6, pupils’ attainment is above average and achievement is rising year on year."

- Ofsted (October 2013)