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Year 6 Sleepover

The sleepover was a fun experience to happily end this great year; All the children had a mass amount of fun as there were a variety of activities to do. Even though there were activities that didn’t appeal to us as much, it was fun to just do it: even if it meant to make an embarrassment out of ourselves!

The activities consisted of: Dancing, Water Fights, Dodgeball and of course EATING!!

The school provided many slices of DOMINOS pizza and on the side, a COLD salad. So rejuvenating and refreshing on such a hot day! We enjoyed our meals while relaxing on the balcony of the staff room. Later on we watched Jumanji which had a few unexpected intervals! All of us watched in awe and even the teachers found some of parts funny!

One of the best moments of the lengthy night was the intense water fight! Children were straining their voices, constantly refilling bottles and soaking each other immensely! Sometimes it did get out of control but despite that everyone had fun!

- Jeremy, Year 6


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"Pupils behave well and feel very safe. They have a good understanding of the school’s high expectations of behaviour."

- Ofsted (October 2013)